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StreamCare, native riparian planting

Stream Care

Providing a subsidy for Riparian Plants in Golden Bay

Riparian margins to plant in Golden Bay? Project Mōhua's Stream Care can help by providing subsidised native plants to landowners.

Stream Care's goal is to help towards creating healthy streams and eco-corridors throughout Golden Bay by providing landowners with access to subsidised native riparian plants. Landowners need to be committed to ensuring the success of plantings by fencing riparian margins at a suitable width and through appropriate site preparation, planting and ongoing maintenance. Applications are encouraged for 1000+ plants (though orders of >500 will be considered on a case by case basis).

The 2021 application deadline is Friday 21st May for pre-ordering plants for planting in the autumn/winter 2022. Applications for planting this year will be considered dependent on plants availability.

On receipt of applications, a short site visit is undertaken to discuss the suitability of the site and provide advice to ensure the success of the plantings.

The subsidy is funded by the Cobb Mitigation Fund and Fonterra Sustainable Catchment Fund.

For more information and an application form click to contact usFor more information and an application form click to contact us