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Project Mōhua in Golden Bay

Plant Subsidy Applications are now OPEN!

Our 2023 Plant Subsidy Applications are now open and will close on 5 March.

Project Mohua's Plant Subsidy Program is sponsored by Cobb Mitigation Fund, Fonterra Sustainable Catchment Fund, and One Tree Planted via the NZ Landcare Trust. This online application is for our 2023 Plant Subsidy Program. This year we have been able to expand our program to include planting on more diverse sites throughout Mohua and double the amount of plant subsidies offered.

- We pay $1.50/plant or 50% of the initial cost.
- We will be coordinating plant orders with local growers.
- Applicants must order a minimum of 50 trees.

- Pay for the remaining cost of the plants.
- Provide a map, including coordinates, of your planting site.
- Provide a before and after photo of your planting site.
- Agree to protect and maintain the plants as needed.
- Provide survival data for 1 year and 3 years after planting.

Each planting site (continuous farm/land holding/etc.) requires an application form. Applicants can submit more than one form if there are multiple planting sites. Neighbours and community groups with continuous land holdings are encouraged to apply together.

Planting Times:
Most Riparian Planting: May - August 2024
All Other Applicaitons: May - August 2023

Project Mōhua in Golden Bay

Project Mohua logo
Project Mohua logo

Project Mōhua is a Golden Bay volunteer initiative set up to help enable groups throughout Golden Bay to come together, collaborate and achieve great outcomes for the environment and conservation. Project Mōhua is in its infancy but aspires to help with project planning, finding volunteers, accessing funding applications, enabling networking, accessing resources (traps, monitoring tools, plants, etc.) or through publicity via our website and facebook.

No one understands the importance of environmental protection and conservation in Golden Bay better than those who live, work and play here. So whether you or your group are currently involved, keen to do more, or simply have an idea to share we hope Project Mōhua will provide a chance to network, share your aspirations and skillsets, or have your say as we work towards the big picture goals for Golden Bay. If you are involved in a freshwater enhancement project check out potential funding available through Golden Bay Stream Care and Cobb Mitigation Fund.

Project Mōhua consists of the Project Mōhua Management Group (PMMG) a diverse group of Golden Bay people who are passionate to see community conservation thrive in Golden Bay. The PMMG operates under the umbrella of Tasman Environmental Trust (TET) benefiting from TET's established governance and reputation. It is also supported in an advisory capacity by Tasman District Council and Department of Conservation. However, to ensure Project Mōhua is a Golden Bay initiative all decisions remain with PMMG members and within the Golden Bay community.

Project Mōhua Strategic Plan

Download a copy of Project Mōhua's Strategic Plan developed to help guide our direction, decision making and goals for the next 5 years.

For more information or to lend a hand

Please contact us via the email link below.

Email Project MōhuaEmail Project Mōhua